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Contact the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department at (979) 864-2392

The GULF COAST EMERGENCY RESCUE SQUAD has been serving the Brazoria County area since 1964. The organization continues to provide search and rescue services for Brazoria County boaters in distress and other water-related occurrences such as recovering drowning victims.

We are an all-volunteer organization on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, providing this free service to persons in Brazoria County, Texas. 

We are dispatched by the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department, and anyone requesting our services, at any time, can reach us by calling the Sheriff’s Department Dispatch at (979) 864-2392.

Our chartered purpose is to provide the following services to the people in the Gulf Coast area of the State of Texas:

1) Conduct search and rescue operations 24 hours per day, 365 days per year including times of natural disaster, such as during and after hurricanes and floods.

2) Conduct routine boat patrols of the inland waterways of Brazoria County to assist lost, stranded, or disabled boaters.

3) Provide boats, equipment, and a headquarters building to conduct items 1 and 2 above, as well as for the use of the Marine Division of the Brazoria County Sheriffs Department who also patrol the waterways and enforce the Texas Water Safety Act.

4) Cooperate with all City, County, State, and Federal law enforcement officials.

5) Periodically, give boating courses to the general public and boating and water safety meetings to local schools, industry, churches, and other organizations.

6) Recover about 95% of all drowning victims in Brazoria County.

During the summer months, April to September, we regularly patrol the more than 640 navigable miles of inland waterways within Brazoria County including Austin Bayou, Chocolate Bayou, Chocolate Bay, West Galveston Bay, Christmas Bay, Bastrop Bay, Cedar Lake, Jones Lake, Lost Lakes, Nicks Lake, Salt Lake, Swan Lake, Bastrop Bayou, Brazos River, San Bernard River, Freeport Harbor, and Wolf Island.  

 We maintain a headquarters building, located within the Brazoria County Precinct 1 Service Center located 1432 Highland Drive in Clute, Texas. We meet monthly at our headquarters on the First Thursday of the month at 6:30pm except on holidays when the meeting will be scheduled for the following Thursday. Our Board of Directors meetings are immediately following the general membership meetings, or as called.

In order to purchase, maintain, and equip our boats, trucks, and other equipment, we depend on our volunteers, the Brazoria County Commissioner’s Court, area businesses, and generous contributions from the public.  

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