Important Information


Emergency Radio Call Procedures

Make sure radio is set to channel 16.  Press transmission button.  Clearly say "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY," identify vessel, state your emergency, number of people on board, location, identify any medical conditions and request specific Marine assistance.   Pause 10 seconds and repeat until acknowledged.

Pre- Boat Checklist

1.  Life Jacket for each person on board vessel

2. Throwable floatation device

3. Signal flare kit

4. Anchor and line on board

5. Fire extinguisher

6. Boat horn or whistle

7. Paddle or boat oar on board

8. Do navigation lights work?

9. Is boat drain plug in?

10. Flashlight, bug repellent and sunscreen

11. Extra fuel and drinking water

12. Tell someone where you plan to go